In-team communication

Tasks people need to do go in GitLab, but that is not how tasks should be communicated. Whenever possible, anything important enough to be assigned is worth talking about in ‘real-time’ first, or concomitantly. Everything needed to understand an issue should be captured in GitLab, but we want to avoid back-and-forth ‘huh what?’ and ‘nuh-uh not me’ (un-assign)

Discussion that takes place outside of GitLab needs to be summarized (or copy-pasted) into the relevant issue in the GitLab project.

Try to get important meetings, internal as well as external, on your Agaric calendar.


Our primary tool for internal communication is now Zulip, free software group chat software available as LibreSaaS. is our web interface.

Downloading an application is recommended.

E-mailing messages to Zulip

When BCCing a Zulip stream on a message to someone, Use the default that can be found under stream settings (click the gear icon you can get to from the down caret):

When forwarding an e-mail to a Zulip stream, swap out .show-sender for .include-footer.include-quotes.prefer-html

Hover over a stream in the lefthand column to get to stream settings; there’s also a link to a list of all streams that is easier:

Stream settings pages are also key for getting the e-mail address for sending e-mail to streams, (their help is lightly customized to organization, so that “Your streams” link will work)

Real-time meetings with BigBlueButton

Agaric uses BigBlueButton (BBB) video chat for our daily Stand Up meetings and for client meetings. We have an account with but currently primarily use our own instance,

Regular meetings include Monday, Wednesday, and Friday weekly rhythm meetings. More irregular meetings include as-needed worker-owner meetings.



Agaric also maintains a channel for worker-owners only. NOTE: We have not been using IRC sine Zulip arrived, but some of us still hang out there and use it to connect with other developers that are not in Zulip.

Freenode has given us operator privileges for this channel. To use it, we need to register:

/msg nickserv identify mlncn pa55w0rd
/chanserv op #agaric mlncn

Some of our best clients are also on IRC, as are our partners at May First Movement Technology (#mayfirst on

Internal notes

Agarics can get more detail on communication channels in the wiki.