Shared technical notes

It takes some attention to ensure no confidential information goes out, and these notes are meant to be taken without thinking. Therefore, Agaric’s raw notes repository is not public.

Notes which are not marked draft, however, are automatically published to


In the early days of Agaric, ben posted every error message, search query, and hare-brained musing to Under editorial pressure from collective members this was exiled to, built by worker-owner Kathleen Murtagh in the then-new Drupal 6. Eventually ben internalized some sort of standards for publication, and the pace of posting dropped off— his incessant notetaking found a home in a local, unshared wiki-like notes application for GNU/Linux, Tomboy.

These notes were hard to share, however, so we’ve gone to a middle ground of taking notes locally in Git and publishing using GitLab Pages.

The hard part for making it anywhere near as easy as Tomboy, which auto-titled notes, was making it so that typing out a file name to create or save a note wasn’t necessary. The Save as Heading package gave us an easy way to save files in Atom, so we went with Atom despite its non-negligible resource usage with tons of notes.


Make it easy to publish from the raw-notes repository to data.agaric, such as by adding a ‘publish: true’ line of metadata.