Git setup

Tell git who you are

$ git config --global 'Jean R. Hacker'
$ git config --global ''

Align on some basics

Have same default branch, pull settings, and ability to see vault diffs as other Agarics.

git config --global init.defaultBranch main
git config --global pull.ff only
git config --global diff.ansible-vault.textconv "ansible-vault view"

Let Git’s git clean fully clean out (optional)

This one’s a little dangerous, but use git clean carefully and appreciate not having to manually delete unwanted local files.

git config --global clean.requireForce false

Create a personal excludesfile (optional)

$ touch ~/.gitignore
$ git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore

Patterns which a user wants git to ignore in all situations (e.g., backup or temporary files generated by the user’s editor of choice) generally go into a file specified by core.excludesfile in the user’s ~/.gitconfig (i.e. in the user’s home directory). — gitignore manual page.


Pick a ticket, create a branch referencing the ticket number, e.g. git checkout -b project-123. Commit your code in small chunks capturing logical steps and follow the Drupal coding standards and the guidelines for commit messages. All configuration that accompanies your code, e.g. creating fields and content types, must be in the config directory or scripted in an update hook. Once your work is done request a review (merge request) for your code will get merged into the main branch.

Note: you may need to add your ssh key in the virtual machine. To do so with DDEV:

ddev auth ssh