Agaric Website Basics

Agaric’s main web site is built on Drutopia and most of the Drutopia End User Documentation will apply.

Quirks to watch out for

  • Use alt + shift + g keyboard shortcut to search through administrative options. There’s no menu for editors (it conflicts with the theme right now), sorry!

  • All case studies should use a title paragraph, and you must select a color for it.

  • For now, don’t select any other ‘styles’ on any paragraph type unless you know what you’re doing (documentation to come).

Posting blogs

  • The main image, like the summary, is used only for teasers (blog listings, search results). It is therefore requested that you incorporate this image into the early content of your

  • Do not use a title paragraph for blogs, in general, as we don’t currently have a way of showing the author and date posted information.