Content entry on Agaric’s own sites

Or, a guide to Agaric’s experimental branch of Drutopia.

First, familiarize yourself with Agaric’s tone and voice as described in Agaric’s content style guide.

Second, add content! Most commonly, this will be blog posts.

Writing Blog Posts

  • Use title case

  • Keep summary text to one sentence when possible.

  • Write a summary that gives a glimpse into the content, piquing the reader’s interest

  • Use headings and lists to break up content

  • Include pictures and screenshots when possible

  • Use captions to highlight key points of the post

Use Title paragraphs on Case Studies and certain pages

To give control over the header layout to content editors, we’ve created a paragraph type called ‘Title’. If it is present on content being shown as a full page, it uses its image, title, and subtitle to replace the usual header and page title section.